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Eri-United was founded in 2003 by Tedros Ahferom. Back in the days the core service was the online community. It was like a meeting point for Eritreans. At one point Eri-United was the biggest online Eritrean community however due to the rapid interest of other Eritrean community sites and especially Facebook we decided to stop and concentrate on something else. Nowadays, Eri-United concentrates on merchandising. We began to design, produce and distribute the Eri-United outfit.

The Eritrean soccer team didn't have an official shirt that was available for purchase. The original Eritrean soccer team shirt was created by FIFA and didn't portray the real Eritrea. An individual in the diaspora would not associate that shirt with Eritrea, which is the reason we introduced the Eri-United shirt in 2009. Soon after that we also designed the shorts and socks. In the near future we are also going to create the away shirt. Further down the line we are hoping to expand the merchandising and Eri-United brand making it more popular and renowned.



Eri-Unted strives to be a market leader in sportswear for Eritrean people in the diaspora, by designing and inventing revolutionary sportswear. We stimulate Eritreans in the diaspora to connect with each other through sports.


Eri-United’s goal is to have a sustainable business model to insure its future in the sportswear industry for its customers and employees. We believe that innovation is the key to success and therefore Eri-United, stimulates and motivates its employees in designing sportswear, which the world has not seen before. In order for Eri-United to keep ahead of the competition Eri-United plans on expanding their products in the near future. We believe that this will lead to a sustainable future for Eri-United.


- Ethics: making sure all Eri-United products are fabricated under good humanitarian circumstances.

- Quality: in everything we do.

- Integrity: of all its employees.

- Passion: committed in heart and mind.

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T. Ahferom | CEO

Tedros Ahferom | CEO

R. Mychael | Office Manager

Rahel Mychael | Office Manager

A. Tzeggai | PR & Media

Abiel Tzeggai | PR & Media

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