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We appreciate your confidence in our company. We want to maintain an excellent relationship with our customers. Both parties trust is essential. We take your rights seriously and do all we can to offer the best quality, service and price for you. It is important for you to be informed and that you know what you can expect of us. The conditions below give you the possibility to be informed in detail when you like to order via our web shop. If you surf in our site you accept and respect our rules, conditions and copyright for the use of the site and the products in our webshop. Eri-United is commited to integrity & secure handling. Our website is part of certified webshop engines and payment systems.

Articles we can offer:

We do our utmost all articles to describe as accurately as possible. As far as possible we also use photos to give information. Eri-United will have all articles in store to be able to deliver immediately after your order and payment is received. It is possible some articles are temporary or permanent sold out or not available any longer. Eri-United can not held responsible for late or not delivery of an article.

Article 1 Suitability

1.1 On all articles and valid delivery contracts of Eri-United our General terms and conditions (called" Terms") are applicable. These Terms are not valid for fashion assignments such as demonstrations, movies and other mass-communication activities. For this field we have developed separate terms and conditions.
1.2 Acceptation of our product offers, or when you place an order, you accept and understand our terms for delivery.
1.3 On our terms, conditions and contracts only the Dutch law is applicable. All disagreements between parties (Eri-United and customer) only can be handled by a Dutch court in the Netherlands.
1.4 Only by written agreement between Eri-United and a customer Eri-United can change terms for special agreements.
1.5 When you order electronically (and eventually sign) you have an officially legal contract with Eri-United. This contract is valid as soon Eri-United has received the completely filled in (and signed) order form.
1.6 Eri-United has the right to cancel any order without explanation, if the order form is not filled in complete or for other urgent reasons. Paid funds will be returned if the order is cancelled.
1.7 Our articles are registred trademarks. Without written permission it is not allowed to use any articles nor information of this website . If you wish to do so, take contact with us.

Article 2 Price of articles

2.1 All articles offered by Eri-United are free of obligations. We keep the right to change the prices of articles or to stop selling it.
2.2 The prices in the webshop are in Euro.
2.3 Prices are exclusive cost of shipment and costs of payment.
2.4 Offers are valid till the day of expiration.
2.5 Eri-United is not responsible for all eventually extra cost of customs and other cost if the order is sent to another country as the Netherlands. The customer has to pay those cost. If there is any extra cost, the level of that cost is depending the country and the import rules of the customs.

Article 3 Business to Business (BtoB)

3.1 If you are interested to be one of our resellers and articles (BtoB) (Business to Business) want to order, please contact us for our special conditions and discount via
3.2 If you are interested in buying large quantities of our products, please contact us:

Article 4 Payments

4.1 There is no MINIMUM ORDER.
4.2 You can pay with following payment systems:
4.3 If you not pay in time, Eri-United has the right to cancel the delivery (contract).
4.4 When you fail to pay before the expiration date the customer expressly accepts that (s) he will be liable to pay a conventional / extra judicial indemnity / cost of administration. If Eri-United must charge you the collection admission incasso, what is minimal 20 % of the invoice, Eri-United has the right unlimited in stead of to collect the real made cost because of collection by law. A conventional interest at a rate of 1 % per month of the still to pay amount has to be paid by the customer.

Article 5 Delivery of the articles

5.1 The order will be prepared and send as soon as payment is received. The date of payment is the date of credit the payment on our account.
5.2 Sending the order usually takes place within 1 till 3 working days after receiving the payment. Exceptions are possible and depend on availability of the article. Eri-United cannot be held liable for possible delays. Eri-United is not responsible for delays if there are circumstances out of Eri-United control such as war, terrorism, strike, delivery problems, government rules, nature disasters and so on. When delivery is delayed because of Eri-United the customer will receive a message. If Eri-United is not able to deliver in a reasonable time the customer Eri-United or is free to cancel the order. Payments done will refund.
5.3 You receive an invoice by the articles.
5.4 Eri-United has the right to use a third party to arrange the handling and packing of the order.
5.6 The customer had the ownership of the articles after they are paid. The risk of the articles starts for the customer on the moment of delivery. Delivery is "from storage place in Holland".
5.7 delivery time
Below you can see an indication of the estimated delivery time. This is not a guarantee. We send orders standard shipment.

Country System of delivery Delivery time
Netherlands Standard TNT 3-5 working days
Europe EU Standard TNT 5-10 working days
Europe outside EU World pack special TNT 10-60 working days
Rest of world World pack Economy TNT 10-60 working days

Article 6 Complains and liability

6.1 You have to check the order immediately after receiving. If the order is not correct and does not contain what you have ordered you must tell us within 5 working days.
6.2 If it is proved the delivery is not the one you have ordered we will, after returning, replace the order by the proper articles. You have to send the wrong articles back to Eri-United, unless we others degree (you also can sell them by yourself and order the proper articles). Eri-United will pay you back the cost of shipment for sending back the wrong articles.
6.3 You have the right, according to Dutch law "Sale on distance", to send back the order if it is not what you expected of it. You have to send it back within 3 days without giving any reason. The cost of sending back the order in that case is for the customer. Articles has to be unopened, undamaged and in original seal.
6.4 Articles damaged during transport or are damaged because of other reasons not lay by Eri-United, will not taken back and will not paid back, see 5.6.
6.5 We take care for the best packing and do our utmost to prevent the products from damage, guaranties cannot be given.
6.6 We are not responsible for the use and all consequences of the use of products delivered by our web shop. By the use of tools we warn you for the risks you have.
6.7 If you decide to use your right to send back the articles we will pay you back within 30 days after arrival of the article. It has to be unopened, undamaged, not used and in original seal. Cost made by Eri-United for shipment will not refunded. Cost the customer made for sending back articles will not refunded by Eri-United.
6.8 Eri-United is not responsible in case of circumstances outside our control such as force majeur.
6.9 Our contract fall under Dutch law. The Wiena sales treaty is not valid.